The Artists

6 artists from the three countries were chosen through a process and of application and joined decision between the partners. The artists are Aude Busson (Iceland), Maria Kittilsen (Norway), Suzie Davies (Norway), Emilia Wärff (Sweden) and Sindri Runudde (Sweden). Here you can get to know a little more about them:

Aude Busson (Iceland)

Aude Busson (Iceland) is an artist and project manager who studied performance making at the Icelandic arts academy in 2011. Aude has worked mostly in collaboration with other artists, sometimes in the theatre and sometimes in situ. Her interest lies in the tension between performance and our social reality and is curious of creating spaces and events involving some degree of participation. Aude has worked with making theatre works for youth and with youth, worked in various community projects mostly with women and people of foreign origin in Iceland. She has worked as a project manager on various projects of dance accessibility, managing the Teenagers festival of Reykjavík Dance Festival and developing free dance classes for different publics with Dansgarðurinn.

Maria Terese Høgåsen Kittilsen (Norway)

Maria Terese Høgåsen Kittilsen (Norway) is a Norwegian dance artist, with an almost invisible disability. Regardless of being outside the norm of a physically and esthetically superior dancer, she has worked hard both to compensate and accept her limitations. She began taking dance lessons at the age of three, and has danced ever since. She did her formal training in jazz and musical dance, but found that the art of modern dance offered more openness and opportunities accepting her body as it is.

In 2015, Maria graduated from the Norwegian School of Sports science, with a bcs in dance training, coaching and sport psychology. During her studies she explored the concept of integrated dance. She has worked with integrated dance groups both in Norway, Australia and the U.S, and she now seeks to create dance that embraces the esthetical and artistic possibilities offered by differently bodied dancers.

Suzie Davies (Norway)

Suzie Davies (Norway) is a dancer, choreographer, actor and writer from Leeds in the UK. She started her career dancing in the Monty Python film ‘The Meaning of Life’ in 1983. She has lived and worked in Scandinavia since 1992, and is based in Norway where she has lived since 1995.

Suzie is also the Artistic Leader and Choreographer of the project-based company DEED, which she runs together with her partner Mattias Ekholm.

As a student at LCDS Suzie was lucky enough to work with the choreographer and director Janet Smith. Janet had been commissioned to choreograph for Uppercut Danseteater in Copenhagen, and invited Suzie to be a part of the production. Suzie then continued to work with Uppercut for the next three years before becoming an established member of Carte Blanche in Bergen in 1995. Over nine years she enjoyed the variety a repertory company could offer and benefited from the challenge of adapting to the artistic profiles of three different directors. During this period she also worked with Ingun Bjørnsgaard Prosjekt in Oslo and JazzXchange in London.

Since 2004 Suzie has worked as a freelance artist. She has worked in many different constellations, nationally and internationally, over a broad spectrum of genres. She formed a long working relationship with one of her previous directors from Carte Blanche Karen Foss, with whom she began researching the use of text in performance. She also began working as an actor with Alan Lucien Øyen’s company Winter Guests where she discovered she had a passion for performing text. In 2017 she co-hosted the opening of the 2017 Bergen International Festival together with Andrew Wale (Winter Guests). Suzie’s main focus remains on her own work with her company DEED, and she and Mattias are currently working on their 5th production together.

In 2010 Suzie received the Rolf Gammleng prize for her work as a dancer and for the versatility she had shown as a performer. Since 2012 Suzie has been employed by SKUDA, The Actors and Dancers Alliance in Norway.

Emilia Wärff (Sweden)

Emilia Wärff (Sweden) is a designer and contemporary dancer. 2009 she took her MA in Fine arts and Design from the University of Gothenburg. 2010 the design collaboration Kontor Kontur with Eva Erwander and My Erwander was created.

Since 2010 she has been one of the main dancers in Danskompaniet Spinn, a norm-breaking and inclusive company. ”Working with Spinn is important because we work in a historic context full of rules and conventions that we all have the ability to break and re-shape.”

Emilia has also created the performance Kurvatur alongside with Spinn dancer Malin Rönnerman. She has participated in workshops and courses by Axis Dance Company, CandoCo dance company, Cirkus Cirkör and has a long experience of Feldenkrais technique. During spring 2018 she studied at School of Dance and circus at Uniarts in Stockholm, and did then a collaboration with Madeleine Månsson, dancer at Skånes Dansteater that was presented at 3:e våningen, Göteborg.

She has collaborated with Anna Westberg/ Nina de Heney ”The Body” 2011, Gilda Stillbäck for the production ” Vem är starkast?” (Who is the strongest?) an integrated dance and theatre piece for children2014/2017. Emilia has been presented a number of awards for her work and in 2016 she was awarded the Göteborgs stads Kulturstipendium.

Sindri Runudde (Sweden)

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