The Programme

Diverse Nordic Voices will offers an extensive programme of activities for the participants. The scedule below outlines all of the details for the project.

DNVCI takes an artist-cantered approach, meeting the individual and collective needs of the participating artists. Upon a selection process of two artists from each country, the process will begin with a two-day Development Needs Analysis workshop, during which the artists will be encouraged to reflect on where they are in terms of artistic and career development - and where they wanted to be. This includes a self-assessment of skills, expertise and identified goals. From this the facilitators together with the participants will set development priorities and a professional development plan. These development priorities will influence the further structuring of the program. The schedule is therefore merely a template.

There are two strands to the programme - a shared programme of a series of labs, sharing, conference, colleague interaction and sharing on digital platforms- individual artistic development mentoring tailored to meet the specific needs of the artists.

The following schedule notes the shared activities. Individual development will run continuously throughout the period.

2018 DECEMBER 13th -16th Intensive lab#1 in Reykjavik

Artists meet for the first time in Reykjavik during Ice Hot Nordic Dance Platform. In addition to a closed program of workshops and meetings, the participants will be watching pieces, being introduced to the extended network of all partners and share reflection about the pieces that they see.A main aim of the lab is for the artists to assess their needs and set their wishes for the next two years of artistic development. This process is led by Luke Pell (UK).

2019 APRIL 15th-17th Intensive lab#2 in Stockholm, Sweden

Creative workshops during 3 days in Stockholm at Dansens Hus. The artists are given time in studio to work parallel with each other on their own projects.

Interactive presentations were held by MELO collective Dinis Machado MAY Month of daily sharing of artistic process between the artists. The artists share a daily film, sound bite or text of their own working process in a closed social media group. Feed back is asked for when an individual artists wishes for this.

2019 OCTOBER 24th-27th Intensive lab#3 in Oslo

The artists take part in conversations and seminars as professional voices during CODA Oslo International Dance Festival. Sindri Runudde holds a workshop for invited guests. Katja Seitajoki holds a workshop in preparation for the conference in 2020.

Kate Marsh (PhD) did a keynote speech during the Our Future Bodies seminar and led a working group meeting with the participants of DNVCI.

The artists attended as many performances as possible, followed by daily reflection sessions.

2020 MARCH 10th -13th in Stockholm

2020 Conference in Stockholm, SwedenTwo days of closed workshops for the artists and two days of public conference in Stockholm, Sweden.

2020 OCTOBER, week 41 Intensive lab#4 in Oslo

4 day intensive creative lab. The artists join the continuation of a project CODA has had for two years where artists meet in Oslo for one week of intensive creative lab led by noted choreographer/mentor. In 2018 and 2019 this was led by Fin Walker for one continuous group throughout the two years. The DNVCI artists becomes part of the second group of artists to take part in these choreographic labs in 2020 and 2021.

2020 NOVEMBER 14th -18th Sharing in Reykjavik

Sharing of work during Lókal, Iceland.Closing week, summing up and looking forward for each artist. Closing meeting for partners.